Apartment buildings on the waterfront in Long Island City

Long Island City lies at the southwestern tip of Queens, just across the water from both Manhattan and Brooklyn. It was incorporated as a separate city in 1870 before becoming part of New York City in 1898. Today, it is known for its art galleries, high-rise apartment buildings, and as the home of Amazon’s headquarters in NYC.

Long Island City (LIC) is bounded by Newtown Creek to the south; 36th Avenue to the north; the East River to the west; and Van Dam Street/Northern Boulevard to the east. It was was once an industrial neighborhood known for its factories and warehouses. Many of its factories were abandoned during the 1970’s, allowing artists to move in and change the character of the neighborhood. LIC was re-zoned for primarily residential use in 2001.

LIC is well-served by transportation, including the 7, E, F, G, M, N, R, and W trains, the Long Island Railroad, and the East River Ferry. It is recognizable from Manhattan by its famous Pepsi-Cola sign, which became a city landmark in 2016.

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