Tenement buildings on the Lower East Side

Downtown’s final frontier lies south of Houston and east of Bowery in the Lower East Side. It was passed over in the 1960’s and 1970’s by many of the artists who flocked to the Village, Tribeca, and Soho. Today, it is one of the city’s most popular nightlife destinations.

The Lower East Side (LES) refers to a huge section of downtown Manhattan, roughly as big as Soho and Tribeca combined. The area north of (and including) Delancey Street and south of Houston Street is known for its endless nightlife. Take a walk along one of these streets after 9 P.M. and you will see why. If you prefer peace and quiet, then you can find it to the south of Delancey.

Pre-war architecture is completely absent from the LES. Expect to find new construction, lofts and tenements instead. Most importantly: expect to find value. The LES has some of the most affordable real estate in downtown Manhattan.

Even though they are located in different boroughs, the LES has many similarities to Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. Many who look for homes in Williamsburg will also look here.

Two Bridges

Between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges lies a mini-neighborhood called Two Bridges, which looks and feels exactly the same as the rest of the LES, except it sits between two bridges. What else would they call it?

Two Bridges is generally more quiet and residential than the streets to the north of Delancey. Look here if you would like to stay close to the action – but not too close.

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