Nick El-Tawil

Nick El-Tawil

Founder & Licensed Real Estate Broker

[email protected]

Nick El-Tawil is both your stereotypical real estate agent and something completely different. Stereotypical because of his aggressiveness and over-the-top personality, different because he can still put the needs of others before his own. Nick will fight for you and put your needs first at the same time.

Nick has been blessed with opportunities from all of his clients. Whether you want a studio apartment in Brooklyn or a loft in Tribeca, you will receive Nick’s full attention when you work with him. As a real estate agent, he was on the top real estate sales team in New York by sales volume (as ranked by the Wall Street Journal REAL Trends) and then briefly ran his own team, The Tawil Team, at another firm. The name stuck when Nick started his own company: Tawil & Team was founded in 2017. It was founded so that the only person that Nick needs to make happy is you.

Nick, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, took a trip to visit New York as a 14-year-old and has been in love with the city ever since. Nick played basketball from the day that he was bornl and his favorite music is rap and hip-hop. He moved to New York to work in the music industry, which didn’t work out but turned him on to New York. He picked up real estate so that he could afford to stay. Today, Nick lives in the West Village and when he’s not working, he’s sleeping.